About Rustic Owl

“Rustic charm with inspired vintage style.”

Rustic Owl is all about handmade furniture–Real wood with unique rustic charm and inspired vintage style.

Founded by Kieren Harding and Paul Hempstock, it is our goal to offer an alternative to the same old mass produced, imported furniture found on many high streets. Every item is hand made in our own small workshop in Worcestershire, UK. Our passion for quality is passed through to the furniture we produce.

Historically, handmade furniture is expensive but we utilise technology and the internet to keep our prices competitive. When you buy a piece of Rustic Owl furniture you can be sure you’re getting good value. Also you can only get it from us… we don’t wholesale and don’t have fancy showrooms. This means no middle man mark-ups and no high staffing cost to cover. We make mostly to order so there is no need to keep stock in a warehouse either. This all means our costs are minimal so we can pass on the savings to our customers.

Pine has had some bad press over the years, often associated with cheap imported furniture that filled showrooms with a sea of yellow. Actually pine is a beautiful wood and if treated right, to bring out the lovely knotty grain pattern, it can look rather expensive. All of our furniture is made from carefully sourced, high quality Quebec yellow pine not to be confused with cheaper European white/red pine. The planks we use are very wide so you get to appreciate the full grain pattern. You can be sure it will last a lifetime!

Our finish of choice is beeswax, which we painstakingly apply by hand to each piece. It comes in a variety of colours and really highlights the character of the wood.

At the moment, due to logistical reasons, we only have a small selection of items we sell in our online shop. We are planning to expand the range available so come back regularly to check for updates or join our newsletter to receive the occasional email from us. As well as the range online we also offer a bespoke design service for larger items such as dining tables, sideboards, beds, etc. Tell us what you want and we will draw up a design along with an exact costing.

If you have a question please do not hesitate to contact us!


Rustic Owl
Unit D11, Oxleasow Rd,
Redditch, B98 0RE

Visitors strictly by appointment only!

Tel. 07456 595 595


We are not currently seeking anyone but if you would like to register your interest please get in touch.